RSVP Deadline: end of day March 30, 2017

Join us on Zilkha Stage for the post-concert reception with the artists. We have organized an intimate event with deliciously catered treats and libations, which will last about an hour. If you are planning on attending the post concert reception for the April 2 concert, please submit your RSVP below.

Subscribers are asked to check-in with Kinga Ferguson on the left entrance, facing the stage, where you will be asked for the last name and number in your party. 

If you are an Ars Lyrica Guest or you are a Subscriber and your guests are arriving separately from you, we will have a secondary list with those additional guests names, which you can check-in with Michelle Vu on the right entrance, facing the stage.

Immediately after the concert ends, the stage staff will set up for the reception. We ask for your patience during this turnaround, which should take approximately 10-15 minutes.  You may want to use this time as an opportunity get some fresh air by the newly renovated Front Plaza, located right outside the Zilkha Hall doors, or to visit the facilities located outside the hall. 

Once we are ready to admit guests, an Ars Lyrica staff/volunteer will be on stage directing you .

If you have any questions, feedback, or special requests, please contact us by phone before 3:30pm at the office: 713-622-7443. We will be setting up at the Hobby Center from 4pm on. 

If you need immediate assistance or have questions about your tickets, please contact the Hobby Center: 713.315.2400 (office) / 713.315.2525 (box office)

Classical Spectres Reception

Sunday, April 2, 2017 - Post Concert

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If you are not able to confirm your guest(s) names at this time, we ask that you please plan to arrive to the reception together. If you and/or your guest(s) are under 21 years of age, please make sure to note that on the RSVP. Adult beverages are served at receptions and we must be made aware of those who are not able to consume prior to the event. Thank you for your time and consideration.