Why do we attend live performances? Is it for the sonic or visual thrill, the excitement of watching art happen? Or are we seeking a more lasting emotional high? Perhaps we just need a respite from business as usual, a night to dream a little. 

This is more than just a healthy habit. Sometime around 1800, the public concert became a familiar ritual — in which a particular sequence of events is infused with an emotional arc or some other kind of symbolic significance. The musical world is rife with rituals large and small, from the pecking order of curtain calls at the opera to the standard orchestral program of overture/concerto/symphony. Certain works in the repertoire are annual rituals as well: who hasn’t heard at least Part I of Handel’s Messiah at Christmas? 

For 2015/16 Ars Lyrica explores ritual within a seasonal context, in six programs that mix beloved masterworks of the Baroque with rare gems from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. We invite you to savor Vivaldi’s “Autumn” Concerto mixed with other works inspired by the hunt, or how a musical winter mingles fire and ice. Even Messiah makes an appearance, though during the Easter season and with a special event examining its peculiar place in our culture. 

In this brochure you will find more details on our upcoming season, including a subscription order form offering 3, 4, 5, and 6 program packages, as well as advance ticket purchase options for our New Year’s Eve Dinner & Fundraising Gala. Renew or subscribe early for extra tickets and discounts.

We look forward to sharing some memorable musical rituals with you!

Matthew Dirst
Artistic Director

Kinga Ferguson
Executive Director

Jacqueline (Gonzalez) Altobelli
Marketing & Administrative Director


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