2014/15 SEASON

Zilkha Hall/Hobby Center
for the Performing Arts

September 7, Flying High December 31, Venetian Carnival February 8, La Sposa dei Cantici March 29/30, Susanna May 9, A Baroque Wedding Feast May 9, A Baroque Wedding Feast
photo Flying High

The 2014/15 season opener is dedicated to the spirited and uplifting world of flight—from the natural world of the birds and the bees to the mythological figure Icarus, who soared too close to the sun. French and Italian Baroque chamber works animate this program, featuring French-Italian soprano Céline Ricci and viola da gambist Mary Springfels in G. F. Handel’s evocative Tra le fiamme. Ars Lyrica debuts with this program at the world-renowned Berkeley Early Music Festival on June 3, 2014.

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Program Notes

September 7, 2014
6 pm

Zilkha Hall

Hobby Center for the

Performing Arts


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